Saturday, February 2, 2013

German Potato dumplings. Kartoffelklöße. كرات البطاطس الألمانية

 German Potato dumplings is a delicious side dish served with saucy meat or chicken ,it's made plain or stuffed with meat or croutons.
Here I made the basic easy recipe and you can try it stuffed or plain.

Ingredients: ( makes 8-10 dumplings)

1 Kg Potatoes (cooking potatoes)
1 egg
3 Tablespoons Flour
2 Tablespoons Corn Starch
Salt and Pepper


Peel Potatoes and boil them in salted water till tender (around 25 minutes or more according to Potato type and size)
Remove from water and drain very well.
Mash Potatoes in a large bowl and add the egg, flour, starch , salt and pepper and mix well with a fork then continue with hands till you have a smooth formable dough.
Make 8-10 mandarine sized dumplings.
Boil salted water in a large pot over the oven.
Add the dumplings to the boiling water for 8-10 minutes .
When the float in water you know they are done and remove from water.

Here I served it with Chicken steak with gravy Sauce.

*They are best eaten with "Saucey" not dry food.
* You can make small dumplings and cook it with soups.

You know they are done when they flot on top of water in the cooking pot.
Die klöße im siedendem Wasser ca. 8-10 miuten lassen bis sie hochsteigen.
نعلم أن الكرات طبخت عندما تطفو على سطح الماء 


Zutaten: (8-10)

1 Kg Mehlig Kartoffeln
3 TL Mehl
2 TL Stärke
1 Ei
Salz und Pfeffer


Kartoffel schälen und im kochendes Wasser ca. 25 minutes kochen und abtropfen lassen.
Mit andere zutaten mit den händen glatt mischen.
Machen 8-10 Mandarine große kugeln.
Die klöße in sidendenWasser ca. 8-10 miuten lassen bis sie hochsteigen.
Vom Wasser nehmen and abtropfen lassen.
Mit Fleisch mit Soße servieren.

كرات البطاطس الألمانية

هذه أحد الأطباق الجانبية المشهورة في ألمانيا وتقدم مع اللحم و- الصوص ، لا تقدم مع الأكل الناشف. و تقدم أيضاً كقطع صغيرة 
(بداخل الشوربة (تترك لتطهى مع الشوربة بدلاً من الماء

المكونات : 1 كغ بطاطس للطهي (وليس للتحمير ) / 3 ملاعق كبيرة دقيق / 2 ملعقة كبيرة نشا / بيضة / ملح وفلفل

الطريقة : تقشر البطاطس وتسلق في ماء مملح مغلي حوالي 25 دقيقة (أو أكثر حسب حجم ونوع البطاطس) ثم ترفع من الماء وتصفى 
نضع البطاطس المسلوقة مع باقي المكونات و نهرسهم جيداً باليدين حتى نحصل على خليط قابل للتشكيل . نبلل اليد بالماء ثم نعمل ٨ كرات صغيرة في حجم اليوسفي
في حلة كبيرة على النار نغلي الماء ونضع كرات البطاطس ونتركها حوالي ٨-١٠ دقائق حتى تطفو على سطح الماء ثم نزيلها من الماء 
ونقدمها مع الفراخ (كما في الصورة ) أو اللحم  



  1. I've never had a potato dumpling! This sounds so unique! I'll have to try it...maybe tomorrow! I'm making baked, breaded pork chops. I'll make a gravy and serve this on the side! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I'm your newest follower!

    1. Lillian, WELCOME to the blog :) hope you like tis recipe :)

    2. I did like it...thank you! Here's my blog post about it...

    3. I loved yours & added your link the facebook group as well :)

  2. these are wonderful! My husband has a friend that is from Germany and he makes these for us sometimes. They are my favorite German dish of all time! I call them snowballs :)

  3. do you have a recipe for spinat knoedel and /or tiroler tris knoedels ? I could live on these when in Sud Tirol

    1. I haven't done it before, but stay in touch, I migh do them soon :)

  4. They really look great.. Seem like a combination between gnocchi dough and mashed potatoes.. Would definitely love to try them sooooon

    1. Thanks Noha, & good notice, they are near Gnnochi in preparation!!:)

  5. i've been searching for the 'right' recipe for potato dumplings. i had my first (and last) dumpling when i was 12 years old; at that age, you never asked for a recipe! now i wish i did, since the woman who made them and my grandmother took the recipe to their grave. hopefully, this is the one i've been searching for all these years. thank you!

    1. This recipe is really good Lorie, You can check also Lillian's comment above who did them & liked them :)
      Hope you try those & like them too :)

  6. very nice I did it and added mozzarella cheese on the top it was tasty
    thank you so much ola

  7. I tried them in Germany a few years ago... I so want to try them now! Thank Ola, I love your blog!

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  9. Looking for a recipe for bread sticks (shaped like croissants my late mother-in-law used to make. They were pronounced "Salzstange" (or something like that).