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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sea food cream Soup. شوربة فواكه البحر بالكريمه

Sea food cream Soup 


300 gm of mixed sea food 
200 gm mussels 
some shrimp shells ( I usually freeze them for this kind of soup ) (or you can use 2 cubes of fish or vegetable stock )
1 celery stick
1 onion finely chopped
salt & pepper 
2-3 Tablespoons corn starch 
200 ml cream
some freshely chopped parsely
green beans (optional)
750 ml Water


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Spaghetti with Mussels & Shrimps . المكرونة الاسباجتي ببلح البحر والجمبري

After a whole year of shooting this recipe , At last had some time to write it :)
Actually now we are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan & I do search for very easy & fast recipes to do without wasting feel energy in the Kitchen :) Just made this yesterday again & wanted to share this super easy & delicious recipe with you.
One year ago I tried -for the first time- doing Mussles at home & found them too delicous ! I never tried them before because I never knew how to do them & I'm not a sea food fan & lastly , I was afarid that my kids won't really like it !( I used to eat them only in Resturants on the beautiful beach in Egypt )  Surprisingly , they all loved it & since then I do it a lot as a side dish & they sneak into the kitchen to eat it from the pot :) ( I don't say no for that ) . I do it with so many sauces , Tomatoe Sauce, Garlic & Butter Sauce, Lemon Sauce ...etc. & you can also invent your own sauce !
You can eat it as a side dish or eat it with Pasta ! I personally love it both ways ! Their magical smell brings me back years ago when I ate them on our vacations to the beautiful beach of Alexandria ,Egypt , & brings up all the beautiful beach memories to my mind (Childhood memories are pricless! )
Now let's start with the "How to cook Mussles" basics :

 I don't actually name it "cook" ,it's more like "steaming" & they usually take few minutes to open up & compeletely cook !

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Butter Tilapia . السمك البلطي بالزبدة

Tilapia is one of my favourite Fish ! I'm always used to eating it deep fried in Oil & Coated with a thin layer of Flour (after marinading it for sometime) , This is how we usually cook Tilapia in Egypt ! And since I'm a very busy mom & I always have no time, So I decided to fry it in Butter with some Salt & Pepper ,without wasting a long time in the marinade . I used a good non-stick pan , as Tilapia is a very fragile fish & choose a nice relatively thick Tilapia cut to use & it was really so delicious, I felt the real fish taste in my mouth , The recipe I used before was perfect, but I liked this way of cooking more as the taste of Fish was not masked by other the flour & frying process .

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fried Salmon steak. ستيك سمك السلمون المقلي

 Salmon is my favourite Fish ! I love its taste & it's a regular weekly dish in our house! It's also done in 10 minutes & that's what makes me love it even more! I'm sure many of you know this super-easy recipe , but, I just like to share my recipe, maybe some people don't yet know it!

Ingredients (for 2 people) :

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fried Fish .Gebratener Fisch. السمك المقلي

Fried Tilapia is one of my favourite sea food dishes, here's a nice & delicious recipe that I & my family loved.


750 gm Tilapia Fish
Lemon,Garlic, Salt & Cumin for marinading fish (or simply use your favourite marinade recipe)
1/2 cup flour
For the coating layer:
1 cup flour
1 Teaspoon Baking powder
1/2 cup corn starch
1 egg
1 cup sparkling water
Oil for deep frying


Mix Tilapia with the marinade ingredients (Lemon,  chopped Gralic,Slat & Cumin) and leave it for an hour.
Coat the Tilapia with a thin layer of flour and remove the excess.
Mix the coating layer ingredients very well and coat the flour-coated fish with it & fry in a medium heat Oil (180-190°C) till golden on each side.
Serve with Remoulade Sauce:

Gebratener Fisch


750 g Tilapia Fisch
Zitrone, Knoblauch, Salz und Kümmel zum Fisch Marinieren (oder einfach Ihre Lieblings-Marinade Rezept)
1/2 Tasse Mehl
Für den Backteig (Belag)

1 Tasse Mehl
1TL Backpulver
1/2 Tassestärke
1 Ei
1 Tasse Mineralwasser mit Kohlensäure
Öl zum Frittieren


Fisch Marinieren (mit Zitrone,gehackte Knoblauch, Salz & Kümmel) und ca. 1 stunde lassen.
Mit Mehl Bestäuben.
Den Backteig glattrühren & Fisch im backteig tunken und im Öl (auf 180°C grad) frittieren bis goldenbraun ist.

Mit Remouladensoße servieren:

السمك المقلي 

هذه طريقة جديدة ولذيذة للسمك المقلي اتمنى أن تعجبكم

المكونات : 750 جم سمك بلطي / التتبيلة المفضلة لديكي (أنا استخدمت ثوم وكمون وملح والليمون ) / ١/٢ كوب دقيق 
مكونات عجينة القلي : ١ كوب دقيق / ١ ملعقة صغيرة بيكنغ بودر / ١/٢ كوب نشا / ١ كوب مياه معدنية بالغاز / ١ بيضة / ملح + زيت للقلي 

الطريقة : يتبل السمك بطريقتك المفضلة وينقع في التتبيلة حوالي ساعة  ثم يغطى بتبقى خفيفة من الدقيق ونزيل الدقيق الزائد 
تخلط جميع مكونات عجينة القلي ثم تغطى بها السمكة وتقلي في زيت غزير متوسط الحرارة (١٨٠ درجة ) حوالي ٥ دقائق على كل جانب 
تقدم مع البطاطس المحمرة و صوص الرمولاد الرائع ، الوصفة هنا 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Saffron Shrimp Rice. Safran-Garnelen-Reis. أرز بالجمبري والزعفران

This is a perfect side dish beside fish or seafood dishes. Saffron is not a must in this recipe ( I know it's really expensive , I only have 1 gm of it :) ) it just gives Rice a wonderfull golden color & flavour. It's easy & fast & you can add vegetables to this recipe & it will become a whole meal without any side dishes.