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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Black & white Cookies . كوكيز الفانيليا الطريه . Amerikaner

Amerikaner is a very popular cake like cookies , or you can call them cookie like small cakes ! The exact translation is "American" ! It's very popular in kids' birthdays here in Germany , every child loves them , I used to hear from the kids "I ate Amerikaner today" & I've always thought what was the "american" they ate ! they used to describe it & I never knew weather that was a cake or a cookie! I asked a German friend & she explained what was it for me & she even showed them to me ,they are every where in Bakery shops & they are sold frozen in Supermarkets ! since than I started searching for recipes & making them for kids with different toppings. Original Cookies are  American & are called Black & White cookies , because they are always half black & half white . Here in Germany they are very popular in Birthdays covered with Sugar glaze ( icing ) & smarties chocolate ! you can even make faces over the suagr glaze using melted chocolate , or colored sugar glaze . you can also cover only with chocolate instead of sugar icing !
Here I did mine for my daughter who loves pink , so I covered it with Sugar glaze (icing ) & splinkeled some pink & white sugar sprinkles . It's delicious & very soft like small Cakes bit in the size of a cookie.The recipe is so easy , hope you all try it & like it .

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cheese bars . Käsestange. بسكوت الجبنة

Those are lovely salty cheesy bars or cookies that are so easy and are ideal for parties or kids' birthdays.
you can try them using 1 type of cheese or a mixture of your favourite cheese.
Here's the delicious and easy recipe from my sweet friend Naglaa :)


Friday, February 8, 2013

Cake Pops. الكيك بوبس - مصاصات الكيك

Cake Pops were my kids's dream since they saw a Cake pop picture for a friend who did it for her daughter's birthday party! I've been searching for recipes and I found them all containg cream cheese that I don't like a lot in Cakes! Then I found a recipe with Vanilla Cake & condensed milk! so I knew the whole idea is about bringing the already made Cake into a soft dough to make small balls & stick them to a stick & cover with icing, so I had some cupcake leftovers & some chocolate frosting so I mixed them together & came up with a very chocolaty Cake pops! I also didn't have the special Cake pops sticks, so I used the wooden skewers that we use in grilling, here we go with this simple and delicious recipe!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cookie Monster Cupcakes.Krümelmonster Muffins كوكي مونستر كوب كيك

Cookie Monster! Me want Cookie :) A famous funny Muppet show character , I've seen some Moster Cookie Cupcake pictures before & I've always thought they were so hard to do, actually they are not, once you know how, then it's very easy & your kids will Love! my kids found it funny & cute. I made those for y Son Ahmed's Christmas School party & I loved the way he was proud of me & the Cupcakes I made!! He pulled each kid in his Class to the Buffet showing them all the "funny" Cupcakes Mom's done :) he even pulled his Class teacher & she was a bit busy with the parents & apologized for not going with him to the Buffet table, so he simply went overe there picking a Cupcake & coming back with a Big proud smile on his face streching his arm directly infront of her face & showing her the Cupcake ,at that moment I had the scary look over my face & felt that the cupcake will stroke her beautifull face! She stepped backwards & smiled & found it "Süß" (cute or sweet). Well, last thing to say is My Cpcakes were finished at once!! All kids wanted to try them, they didn't even look at much better stuff in the Buffet!! :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Popcorn-Chocolate Bars. Popcorn-Schokostangen. رقائق الفشار بالشكولاتة

My kids & I love both Popcorn & Chocolate, so I thought of combining them together & to see what will I get! I got an incredible taste & my kids asked me to make them some for their friends to taste! I thinks those bars are really nice for kids parties or birthdays, they r made only of 2 ingredients.