Awards & prizes & publications

June 2013 , Mein Lieblingsrezept

April 2013 Mein Lieblingsrezept German Magazine

February 2013 issue

Mein Lieblingsrezept German magazine published my Quiche Recipe Dec. 2011

I was nominated "The best cook of the month" for my Quiche recipie & won 500 Euros.

Another recipe was Published for me in Mein Lieblingsrezept (Fish Balls with cream sauce) March 2012

In March 2012 I read about a competetion in the magazine "Auf einen Blick" called "Germany´s best Cake" I joined with my Raspberries Brownies Tart & I was lucky enough to win my sweet "kitchenaid" as I was one of the first 5 winners :)

In July 2012 I joined a competetion in "Bild der Frau" Magazine, it was "Germany´s best Torte" & I joined with my Berries cream Totre & In September 2012 they announced the winners & again I was lucky enough to win the Braun Multiquick7 :).

The sweet Chef Ghada Eltally gave me the chance to share my recipies in her Magazine "Za3faraan & Vanilla" "زعفران وفانيليا ". next issue in October,stay tuned :)

October issue from "Za3faraan & Vanilla" Thanks chef Ghada :)
Zafraan & Vanilla Magazine, Egypt ,March 2013

My Koshary recipe was chosen with other recipes as best recipes Nov. 2012


  1. This is Summer Hassan, mn Masr
    masha2 ALLAH ya Ola...i really love ur work.
    I tried some of ur receipies and they r " To7faaaaaa " : )))
    by the way, chapeau for the photographer, begad el photos r well taken, showing the results in an excellent way.
    Begad Thanks alot for sharing ur efforts and beautiful receipies with us.

    1. Thanks a lot Summer <3
      I appreciate your lovely words, I´m the one who takes my food photos :) I´m glad you liked them .
      I will soon write you all an article about Food photography. Join the site to follow new recipes :)

    2. MashAllah wala kowata ela belAh :))

      I am big fan of your FB group for more than 3 years now.

      I used lots of your reciepes and tips and they were great hits!
      Even to feel much rewarded i am so proud to tell youthat you and Noha were of great inspiration that I started my own baking business with a great partner and friend.
      The very first cupcake reciepe I used, was ur chocolate one and I am still using it uptil now.

      I am so proud of you as an Egyptian living in aforiegn country growing to be successful as u r... now that I myself am an egyptian recently moved to Australia..:)

      Wish me luck I want to carry on with the same business here but this time without my supportive Partner i left back in Egypt:(

      Thanx alot for sharing ur great success .. to me it was a big boost of encourgement, optimisim and confidence that if someonewas capable of doing something then I can do it too...

      Wish you the best of Luck and more success

    3. Sarah 7abebty, Thank you so much for your lovely words. I wish you the BEST of luck in all fields of life & please contact me whenever you need any help, I will be glad to help :)

  2. AoA , Just came across your Blog ... while looking up the word Koshary = )
    I was looking for art clips to put up a meal plan on my fridge and .. well here I am and it was great reading a few of your blog entries now. I read you have a FB page which I will look up in a minute. Congrats on all your winnings. Best of luck and isa I will be lloking forward to following you .. Im egyptian, living in the US for 30+ years of my life and I love food and to cook but Im lost when it comes to creating good Egyptian food = / I attempt but succeed a few times. Thank God my husband is not a complainer = )
    Mannal A

    1. Thank you so much Mannal for your nice words,hope you try any of the recipes over here & give me your feedback :)