Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cookie Monster Cupcakes.Krümelmonster Muffins كوكي مونستر كوب كيك

Cookie Monster! Me want Cookie :) A famous funny Muppet show character , I've seen some Moster Cookie Cupcake pictures before & I've always thought they were so hard to do, actually they are not, once you know how, then it's very easy & your kids will Love! my kids found it funny & cute. I made those for y Son Ahmed's Christmas School party & I loved the way he was proud of me & the Cupcakes I made!! He pulled each kid in his Class to the Buffet showing them all the "funny" Cupcakes Mom's done :) he even pulled his Class teacher & she was a bit busy with the parents & apologized for not going with him to the Buffet table, so he simply went overe there picking a Cupcake & coming back with a Big proud smile on his face streching his arm directly infront of her face & showing her the Cupcake ,at that moment I had the scary look over my face & felt that the cupcake will stroke her beautifull face! She stepped backwards & smiled & found it "Süß" (cute or sweet). Well, last thing to say is My Cpcakes were finished at once!! All kids wanted to try them, they didn't even look at much better stuff in the Buffet!! :)

The REAL Cookie Monster !
(Picture from internet)

Ingredients: (for 24 Cupcakes)

24 Cupcakes of your choice , I used Chocolate Cupcakes , you can use Vanilla Cupcakes.
12 Chocolate chip Cookies cut in halves

For the Eyes:
50 gm Marzipan (or white Fondant , or white Chocolate chips large sized)
48 Chocolate Chips (or Black Fondant or black edible coloring pen)

For the Buttercream:
100 gm Soft Butter
2 Cups sifted Powdered Sugar
2 Tablespoons Milk
1 Packet Vanilla
Blue food color


Prepare the Eyes: make small fondants balls with your hands & press them with your fingers & stick a Chocolate chip in each one.

Prepare your Butter cream, by mixing all ingredients with an electric mixer till smooth & creamy.
Put your Butter cream in a piping bag with grass tip.
Cover you Cupcakes with the Blue Butter cream by pressing-while piping- against the Cupcake & rapidly pull your hand outwards.

Make an opening with your knife in the Cupcake ( as Shown in Picture)
Put 1/2 a Cookie caistiously inside the opening.
Lastly stick the eyes to the Buttercream (as Shown in Picture).

This is all you need.

After covering your Cupcake with Butter cream, make a mouth opening with a knife.
Den Muffins mit einem scharfen messer einen mund schneiden.
اقطعي بسكين حاد مكان للفم بعد وضع كريمة الزبدة

Insert 1/2 a Cookie inside the mouth opening & stick the eyes.
Ein halbierte Kekse im Mund einstecken.
ضعي نصف الكوكي في فتحت الفم ثم الصقي العينين في كريمة الزبدة

Krümelmonster Muffins

Zutaten (24 Muffins)

24 Muffins (Schoko- oder Vanille )
12 Schokotropfchen Kekse (halbierte)

Für die Augen:
50 g Marzipan (oder Weisser Fondant)
48 Schoko tropfchen

Für die Buttercreme:
100 g Weiche Butter
2 Tassen gesiebt Puderzucker
1 Päckchen Vanillezucker
Blaue Farbe
2 EL Milch


Die Auge: 
Mit Marzipan 48 kleine Kugeln formen & mit den Fingers drucken. Ein Schokotropfen in jede Kugel kleben.

Die Buttercreme:
Alle zutaten mit einer schnebesen des elektrisches gerät bis cremig.
Die mischung in einen Sprizbeutel mit grastülle geben.

Sprizbeutel gegen die Muffins drücken, dann schnell rausziehen.
Den Muffins mit einem scharfen messer einen mund schneiden.
Ein halbierte Kekse im Mund einstecken & die Augen kelben & FERTIG!

كب كيك مونستر كوكيز  

المكونات : ٢٤ كب كيك (شوكولاتة أو فانيليا ) / ١٢ كوكيز مقطعة لنصفين / للعيون : ٥٠ جم مرزبان (عجينة اللوز ) أو فوندان أبيض + ٤٨ قطعة شوكولاتة صغيرة / لكريمه الزبدة : ١٠٠ جم زبدة + 2 كوب سكر بودرة منخول + فانيليا + 2 ملعقة كبيرة لبن + ألوان طعام أزرق

الطريقة : العينين : بالعجينة اصنعي ٤٨ كرة صغيرة و بططيها بيديكي ثم الصقي في كل عين قطعة الشكولاتة 
كريمة الزبدة: اضربي المكونات بالمضرب الكهربائي حتى تصبح كرمية وناعمه . ثم ضعيها في كيس حلواني به طرف الزرع (grass tip) 
غطي الكاب كيك بكرمة الزبدة ، اضغطي كيس الحلواني بإتجاه الكاب كيك ثم اسحبي يدك بسرعة. 
اقطعي بسكين حاد مكان للفم بعد وضع كريمة الزبدة
ضعي نصف الكوكي  بداخل الفم ثم الصقي العينين كما هو موضح بالصورة 


  1. This is perfection!!!!! Love them by alll means!!

  2. I bet kids lllloved them! great for birthday partys, great work Ola.

  3. Looks so adorable!!! The kids I work with would just die from happiness for these!! Thank you for your post Ola :) Beautiful!

    Warm hugs,

  4. I have always wanted to try out these cupcakes and to see that you have the instructions in Arabic and English made me ecstatic. I have studied Arabic for 4 years and can't wait to send this to my former professor!

    1. Great! you should practice your Arabic over here then :)