Monday, December 31, 2012

Sour cream Vegetarian Pasta. Sauerrahm Vegetarische Pasta. مكرونة بالخضروات والكريمة الحامضة

I was in a restaurant that prepares your food in front of you, I ordered this pasta dish (I don't remember its name) & I saw how they do it & I did it today & was amazing! very fast, contains many flavours, rich in ingredients, somehow healthy & vegetarian (for vegetarian lovers), this is how it's made.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Iight Chocolate Cupcakes. Leichte Schoko-Muffins. كب كيك الشكولاتة القليلة السعرات

Those Cupcakes are relatively less in Calories than the ordinary choco-cupcakes. They are very moist from inside & I usually do them a lot in winter because butter never softens when they are outside the fridge , so I find it easier to use oil instead of hard butter -that needs melting-  in those cold days!

Ingredients: (for 12)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Frankfurt's Christmas Market. سوق الكريسماس في ألمانيا

 Here I decided to write about a German tradition during the weeks of advent, it is the "Weinachtsmarkt" or the Christmas Market. Christmas Markets originated in Germany & Austria ,then they are spreading now in other cities  around the world. People from all over Europe come to Germany during the last month of the year to see this Christmas Market & eat traditional German food. Frankfurt's Christmas market is the oldest!! It was first held in 1393 !! They sell there Food, drinks, toys, some traditional German products & much more, it's always held in the open air & lasts for 4 weeks.  Here I'll show you some photos from my visit to Frankfurt's Weinachtsmarkt at the city center & Römer.

سوق الكريسماس في ألمانيا يعتبر أحد المعالم المميزة للشعب الألماني في وقت الكريسماس والسنة الجديدة  . سوق الكريسماس يقام في ألمانيا والنمسا والآن بدأ يقام في بعد المدن الأخرى في أنحاء العالم. سوق فرانكفورت وميونيخ هما أقدم الأسواق على الاطلاق ، فقد بدأوا عمل هذه الأسواق في العالم ١٣٩٣. هي عبارة عن مجموعة جميلة من الاكشاك الجميلة الصنع من الخشاب وبداخل كل كشك أو كوخ تباع منتجات عديدة من أكلات تقليدية ألمانيا أو مشروبات أو حلويات أو منتجات خشبية وأشياء أخرى كثيرة . هنا في هذه المقالة الصغيرة سوف أعرض عليكم بعض الصور للتعريف أكتر بهذا التقليد الألماني السنوي.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lemon Chicken. Zitronen-Hähnchen. فراخ بالليمون والروزماري

Yesterday I was reading some Chicken poems ( I found them by coincidence & never thought there were poems for chicken!!) & I decided to do a Chicken for dinner!! My favourite source of protein is chicken as I'm not a meat nor fish lover!! so I marinaded this lovely Chicken in Lemon & Rosemary & roasted it the second day & it was tender & juicy, exactly the way I love it! Hope you all try it because this recipe is really worth a try!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Vanillekipferl . Vanilla Crescents . بسكوت الفانيليا الهلالي الشكل

It's Cookies week!! It's always fun to do them with kids! I have to send Cookies with the kids to School & Kindergarten for Christmas celebrations, they love any type of homemade Cookies, & they love it more when they mess things with me in the Kitchen :)
In weekend, we made "Vanillekrpfel" This is a typical German Christmas Cookies made of Almonds & they are crescent in shape & sooo yummy!! It's fun & easy in preparation, they remind me of the snakes we used to do with clay when we were young, you make a lot of snakes while doing the Vanillekipferl !!! I packed some in small bags that you can give to friends or neighbours, In Germany, Cookies are a very nice Christmas gift :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cookie Monster Cupcakes.Krümelmonster Muffins كوكي مونستر كوب كيك

Cookie Monster! Me want Cookie :) A famous funny Muppet show character , I've seen some Moster Cookie Cupcake pictures before & I've always thought they were so hard to do, actually they are not, once you know how, then it's very easy & your kids will Love! my kids found it funny & cute. I made those for y Son Ahmed's Christmas School party & I loved the way he was proud of me & the Cupcakes I made!! He pulled each kid in his Class to the Buffet showing them all the "funny" Cupcakes Mom's done :) he even pulled his Class teacher & she was a bit busy with the parents & apologized for not going with him to the Buffet table, so he simply went overe there picking a Cupcake & coming back with a Big proud smile on his face streching his arm directly infront of her face & showing her the Cupcake ,at that moment I had the scary look over my face & felt that the cupcake will stroke her beautifull face! She stepped backwards & smiled & found it "Süß" (cute or sweet). Well, last thing to say is My Cpcakes were finished at once!! All kids wanted to try them, they didn't even look at much better stuff in the Buffet!! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Saffron Shrimp Rice. Safran-Garnelen-Reis. أرز بالجمبري والزعفران

This is a perfect side dish beside fish or seafood dishes. Saffron is not a must in this recipe ( I know it's really expensive , I only have 1 gm of it :) ) it just gives Rice a wonderfull golden color & flavour. It's easy & fast & you can add vegetables to this recipe & it will become a whole meal without any side dishes.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Carrots-Orange Soup. Möhren Orangensuppe. شوربة الجزر بالبرتقال

I guess Winter is Soup season :) I love soups in cold weather & so do my kids. I usually use Lemons with soup as a source of vitamin C , but this time I used Oranges & they were amazing, they tasted much like Lemon but with the smell of Orange :)
This Soup is rich in Vitamin A ,which has many benifits like, beautifull skin, Anitaging, Antiseptic, Anticancer, better vision, healthy teeth & gums & lots more. Also it's rich in Vitamin C which boosts immunity in Winter & prevents severe common cold.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sugar Cookies . Zuckerplätzchen. كوكيز السكر والزبدة

Cookie Pops

It's Cookies season! All families in Germany bake Cookies in Winter holidays. It's always fun to get some help from your kids (& messy as well) but the end result is always fun all around the house.
Here's a demonstration of some Sugar (or Butter) Cookies variants, they are all easy to make & the don't need much time in preparing.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Lemon Cake. Zitronenkuchen. كيك الليمون

This refreshing Cake was made with help from my daughter, as it was taken from her first cook book :) It's so easy & rapid, I love it in Winter time as it fells my house with the lovely Lemon zest smell! here's this easy, delicious recipe:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Puff pastry mini tarts. Blätterteig mini-Tarts. فطائر الباف باستري

Those mini Tarts are amazingly good & easy. When you have no time for doing desserts, this can be the best easy & fast idea!
Why not give it a try!


Puff pastry sheets