My kitchen Tips.نصائح للمطبخ

How to make uniform sized Hamburgers ??
Simply use the Lid or Cap of any glass Jar ,simply press Meat inside it ,then Flip it to remove the Hamburger Patties !

Für gleichmäßige Hamburgers , Einfach ein Glasdeckel benutzen (Nutella) 

لعمل همبرجر متساوي في الحجم ، استخدمي غطاء برطمان زجاجي (غطاء برطمان نتلا 
اضغطي اللحم جيداً في الغطاء ثم إقلبيه على الناحية الاخرى 

Hamburger Recipe:

To keep your herbs as fresh as possible & to make them live longer : Wash them & Put them in a porcelain or glass vase & fill the vase with water (exactly as we do with flowers) & change water every 2 days & sprinkle some water on the leaves every 3 days.
In Picture: Mint is 12 days old, Parsley & Corriander are 8 days old.

Um Ihre Kräuter so frisch wie möglich zu halten und um sie länger leben: Waschen Die Kräuter & in einer Porzellan (oder glas) Vase mit Wasser legen & Das Wasser je 2 Tage wechseln.
In Bild: Minze sind 12 Tage alt & Petersilie 8 Tage alt.

لحفظ الأعشاب لأطول فترة ممكنة : ضعي الأعشاب في فاسا أو وعاء زجاجي به ماء (مثلما نفعل مع الورد) ونغير الماء كل يومين ونرش الماء على الأعشاب كل يومين أيضاً (إختياري) . في الصورة : النعناع عمره ١٢ يوم والكسبرة والبقدونس عمرهم ٨ أيام  

To make SUPER-crispy chicken or Turkey steak:
Marinade your chicken, coat with Flour,then Egg,then crushed Bretzels  & press with your hands then fry!

Schnitzel marinieren, In Mehl wenden,dann durch das verquirlte Ei ziehen, Zum schluss, mit SalzbrezelBröseln panieren & andruücken,dann braten!

الفراخ (أو الديك الرومي ) المقرمش 
تبلي الفراخ ثم غطيها بطبقة من الدقيق ثم البيض ثم البريتزل المطحون خشن واضغطي جيداً بيديكي ثم اقلي في الزيت

To have the perfect FROTH over your cup of Cocoa or Coffee:
If u don´t have a coffee machine, u can simply put warm milk in the food mixer (7állaat) & mix for few minutes till u have the perfect froth,then pour into your cup of coffee.

Use ur cookie cutters to make shapes with ur eggs or pancakes.
simply press ur cookie cutter against ur nonstick buttered pan & pour egg in the middle & leave to cook.
To make doomed (instead of flat) cupcakes:
increase the amount of flour in the batter.

To make (croutons) the small bread cubes over salads or soups.
Use left over bread (baguette or toast ) & cut into small cubes & fry with butter or oil in a pan till crispy... add ur favourite flavour to it, salt,pepper, garlic, herbs..etc.
my advice is to use hard bread ,the soft bread doesn´t give u good results.

When your don´t have cupcake paper at home :
                          Use Parchment paper cut in squares & push them in cupcake moulds.
                                                                         Donut balls.
                                           Don´t through away remnants of donut dough.
                                    make small balls & fry them like donuts & cover with chocolate.
While making cheesecakes:
Cover the bottom of your cake mould with Aluminium foil so as to prevent melting butter from spilling in your oven, to have a clean oven after baking.

While doing chicken or meat soup to keep the bright color of the vegetables:
*Saute vegetables (Green beans, Carrots) with minimal water
* Boil Broccoli in water for only 5 minutes then drain from hot water & wash with cool water
Directly before serving your soup, add the vegetables to it & heat for a short period then serve. Mushrooms should be directly cut in plates before serving.

Use your Ice cream scoop to divide the cupcake batter in equal amounts inside the cupcake liners, so as to have an evenly shaped (equal in size) cupcakes.