About me. Über mich. أنا

I'm Dr. Ola AbdelMonem Hassan, Egyptian living in Frankfurt-Germany. I'm a Doctor (pediatrician) who loves cooking. I have 3 adorable kids & a wonderful husband who always encourages me. I love easy & rapid recipes as I don't have always much time for cooking. Welcome to my Blog & hope you'll all enjoy it, I´ll be happy to recieve your comments & questions.

Ich Bin Dr. med. Ola AbdelMonem Hassan, eine Mutter für 3 suße Kinder, Ich bin eine Kinderärztin & liebe Kochen! Ich bin Ägypterin & Wohne in Frankfurt am Main. Ich mache immer einfach & schnelle Rezepten. Ich hoffe dass mein Blog euch gfällen. Ich warte auf eure Kommentare & Fragen :)

أنا دكتورة علا عبدالمنعم حسن ، دكتورة أطفال مصرية،خريجة القصر العيني دفعة ٩٨ ، مقيمة في ألمانيا ، أنا من المعادي في القاهرة الجميلة . بحب الطبخ أوي أوي و قررت أعمل موقع ليا عشان أعلم ستات البيوت الوصفات السهلة بالصور وأتعلم منكم بردو انشاء الله. يا رب تنضمو للموقع و حبقة سعيدة أوي بتعليقاتكم و نصائحكم و نقدكم عشان البلوج تبقى أحلى إنشاء الله. معلش أنا بعتذر عشان فيه أخطاء إملائية كثيرة فالوصفات بالعربي، إستحملوني ، عشان أنا معنديش كيبورد بالعربي و بكتب على مواقع الكمبيوتر اللي بترجم الفرنكواراب لعربي !   

Me & my husband & best friend , he's a Radiologist & he's the taster of my food :) The best taster ever! Never says no to anything I make :o)

Ich & mein Mann & bester freund! Er ist ein Radiologe in Frankfurt Uni. Klinikum. Er ist der schmecker meines Essen & er mag alles was ich koche :)

زوجي وصديقي طبيب الأشعة التشخيصية . هو مشجعي الأول والذواق والناقد لأكلي :) لكنه يحب كل ما اطبخ !!

The light of my life, my 3 walking hearts ,Nareman, Ahmed & Nelly.
Egypt's beautiful north coast, summer 2012.

Mein  3 süße kinder , Nareman, Ahmed & Nelly.
Ägyptens Norde Küste, Sommer 2012.

نور عيني و روحي ولادي ال-٣ ربنا يحميهم و يحفظهم ليا ، ناريمان ، أحمد ونيللي.

**Contact E-mail : Olahassan207@gmail.com

Fun In Summer :

Nareman & Nelly :)

Nareman & Ahmed
Ahmed :)
 Shopping at Auchan :)
Part of my cook books that always inspire me :)
Mein Kochenbücher :)

I'm addicted to the monthly cook magazines :)

جزء من كتب ومجلات الطبخ التي تلهمني دائماً

Kids baking Chocolate chip Cookies "Alone" ;)


  1. mabroooook ya Ola...great thinking great job....go on dear wish u the best of luck and more and more delicious recipe ideas :)))))

  2. Salam..Ola!

    This is Rany!...Great website..My wife loves it!
    few comments on this page:1- 90% of lay people will not understand what a pediatrician is!..try settling for a doctor only. 2- encourage should be encourages...3-delete the apostrophe after "o" in don't. 4- workingwomen..there should be a space between both words.5- consider changing the white color fonts into green or blue..it will be more eye-catching....
    Take care...and well done1

  3. hey great blog and great FB group too!
    may i ask you about germany how long do you live there and were you perfect in german language before you go? i'm thinking to travel but i'm afraid my language will not help was it easy to work there especially for physicians?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. I'm sorry for the late response but unfortunately I can't helpy you as a phyisician. you can better contact German doctors.

    2. nevermind ola , i'm not the doctor anyway it is my husband,but thank you anyway for responding to me. and i'm happily following your page

    3. Depends on the ammount of German that´s spoken, there should be at least some knowledge, since patients don´t tend to speak anything else. Would be different if one would get patients from the own country of origin, which quite a lot of doctors tend to do over here. For doctors who don´t know too much German it is still not that easy to get registered though, because there is so much paperwork that needs to be done for that...
      For travels it shouldn´t be a problem, there´s still enough people over here who understand English and are more than willing to help travelers :-).

      Kind regards,

      teufelmiri @ live.com

    4. Thanks Miri for your info :)

  4. congratulation for your blog Ola .
    May Allah give you the best dear

  5. i just found your blog and i love it
    iam german living in egypt
    and your blog is really helpful for me
    and my husband is happy when i cook some egyptian food for him ;)

    thank you

    1. Thanks Habibah :) das freue mich :) You can ask for any dish you want & I'll try helping you .

  6. Ola, I admire your effort in making this post... loved loved LOVED your words that are, obviously, coming out right from your heart.
    Way to go, wo rabena yewafa2ek :)

    1. Thanks a lot Niso, you are always so so sweet, love you :)

  7. i'm really proud of u keep going and good luck

    1. Thanksss (next time, please mention your name :)

  8. Mashallah was für eine schöne Familie! :)

  9. Wooow ya lolo msa you've come a loooong way since i first came across ur facebook group :) You're a very special cook and photographer and I hope u achieve your fabulous dream and sign me a copy of your book :)
    Nina Youssef

  10. This is a beautiful blog, and you seem like a lovely person

    Fidan from London