Friday, January 31, 2014

Roasted Chicken with Lemon & Herbs. Geröstete Hähnchen mit Kräuter & Zitronen. الفراخ المشوية في الفرن بالاعشاب والليمون

One of the easy dishes that I like to make a lot is Oven roasted Chicken . It's so easy & can be done when guests are coming over for Dinner , as it's easy, juicy & moist & I guess everybody loves!
2 weeks ago I bought 8 Herbs Pots & I guess I'll be making a lot of recipes using Herbs in the coming days:)  (I'll shoot them too & add them some where in my Blog ).
I had some Chicken & I had a very busy day, so I decided to marinade my Chicken with nearly all herbs I bought + My basic Chicken marinade (Onion , Lemon, Salt & Pepper) & I left it in the Fridge in the marinade for 6 hours , then put it in the Oven for 45 minutes & it was the Best chicken ever! so moist & juicy from inside & crispy from the skin outside!!
Hope you try this recipe & I'm Sure you will love it!

Ingredients : ( for 4 )

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Easy Cake Pops. Kuchen am Stiel

My kids love Cake pops , but It's usually hard for me doing a cake ,then crumbling it, then adding it to another mixture,then waiting to cool....etc. It was so much work for an -always busy- Mom like me :) So I thought of doing mini cupcakes & sticking them to a Cake pop stick & it's done!
The result was perfect & unfortunately was finished in half a day , my kids gave to friends & neighbours !
Second day, I loved the Idea, so I made my brownies recipes & cup it in small cubes & inserted wooden skewers in them & were just perfct & kids loved them too .
Here we go with the mini cupcake recipe:

Ingredients (for 24)

Friday, January 10, 2014

German Crullers. Spritzkuchen

Crullers are Fried Pastry topped with powdered Sugar or Cinnamon or Sugar icing.They are made of a dense Dough,somehow similar to that of Donuts, but they are piped from a Pastry bag .
They are very easy to make , the whole process takes less than 30 minutes .

Monday, January 6, 2014

Backgrounds for Food Photography. Hintergründe der Foodfotografie. خلفيات تصوير الطعام

I love Food Photography and many professional food photos I've seen in magazines or books have always a nice wooden background ! I tried searching in amazon & ebay for those wooden blocks but always found them expensive or did not find them at all ! Then I started searching in internet & found an amazing blog for an amazing German lady called Eva & she gave me the best clue ever! She gave me the hint that I wanted ! I must thank her so much because she inspired me! Here's a link to her post:

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Caramel-Hazelnuts Cupcakes . Karamell-Haselnüße-Cupcakes. كب كيك الكراميل والبندق

This was out our dessert for the new year!  It was so tasty & delicious.
The cupcakes turned out so pretty that I wanted to shoot them without any additives to the shot! Just the Cupcake alone will make a pretty photo , & I guess it gave me the pretty effect I wanted. just added my cup of Coffee in a pic to add the warm feeling to the picture :))

Ingredients (9 large cupcakes)