Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Easy Cake Pops. Kuchen am Stiel

My kids love Cake pops , but It's usually hard for me doing a cake ,then crumbling it, then adding it to another mixture,then waiting to cool....etc. It was so much work for an -always busy- Mom like me :) So I thought of doing mini cupcakes & sticking them to a Cake pop stick & it's done!
The result was perfect & unfortunately was finished in half a day , my kids gave to friends & neighbours !
Second day, I loved the Idea, so I made my brownies recipes & cup it in small cubes & inserted wooden skewers in them & were just perfct & kids loved them too .
Here we go with the mini cupcake recipe:

Ingredients (for 24)

100 gm Butter
2 Eggs
1 Packet of Vanilla
3/4 cup powdered Sugar
150 gm Flour (1 cup)
75 gm Dark Cocoa (1/2 cup)
1/2 Teaspoon Baking powder
3 Tablespoons Milk
200 gm semisweet chocolate
24 Cake pops sticks


Prepare your mini cupcake tin by lining them with small cupcake paper
Preheat your oven to 180°C
With an electrical mixer cream  Butter & Sugar , then add your eggs & Vanilla & mix till creamy, Add Milk & keep mixing, then add the dry ingredients in patches & mix till well combined.
Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes.
Let them cool completely .

Melt your Chocolate over a water bath & insert the sticks in the melted chocolate then into the bottom of the mini cupcake & let them Cool for minimum 1 hour.
Decorate your Cake pops with the rest of the melted chocolate then with Sugar sprinkles or Berries.

Another Recipe for Cake pops : http://drolacooks.blogspot.de/2013/02/cake-pops.html

Insert your sticks in melted chocolate then in the bottom of the Cupcakes.
Der Stiel in der Schokolade tunken dann im Kuchen stecken.

Kuchen am Stiel (Cake-Pops)

Zutaten: (24 )

100 g Butter
2 Eier
1 Päckchen Vanillezucker
3/4 Tasse Puderzucker
150 g Mehl (1 Tasse)
75 g dunkle Kakao (1/2 Tasse)
1/2 Teelöffel Backpulver
3 EL Milch
200 g Vollmilchschokolade
24 Cakepops Stiele


Backofen auf 180°C vorheizen.
24 mini muffin papier in Mini-Muffinform legen.
Weiche Butter mit Zucker mit einer Schnebesen des handrührgerät schlagen ,dann Eier & Vanillezucker & Milch zugeben & cremig schlagen.
Die trockne zutaten geben & glatt rühren.
Den teig in der Muffinform verteilen & ca. 15 minuten Backen ,dann abkühlen lasse.
Die Schokolade auf ein Wasserbad schhmelzen.
Die Stiele in der Schokolade tunken & im kuchen stecken.
Ca. 1 Stunde abkühlen lassen.
Dekoriere die Cakepops mit der Schokolade reste & Streusel oder Beeren.

Andere Rezept für Cake-Pops : http://drolacooks.blogspot.de/2013/02/cake-pops.html

Decorate with Berries or any other fruit or Sugar struesel.
Mit Beeren oder andere frucht oder Streusel dekorieren. 

You Can cut Brownies in small cubes & decorate with Nutella & Streusel & stick them to wooden skewers or Cakepops sticks (I did it without dipping the stick in melted chocolate)
Brownies im kleine Würfel schneiden & im Holzspeiße stecken ( Deko  mit Nutella & Streusel )
Brownies Recipe (Rezept ): http://drolacooks.blogspot.de/2012/09/brownies.html

Kids enjoyed it with a cup of Milk.

Each Kid has his/her name on it ( Names attract kids a lot to eat it :) )

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