Monday, November 12, 2012

Popcorn-Chocolate Bars. Popcorn-Schokostangen. رقائق الفشار بالشكولاتة

My kids & I love both Popcorn & Chocolate, so I thought of combining them together & to see what will I get! I got an incredible taste & my kids asked me to make them some for their friends to taste! I thinks those bars are really nice for kids parties or birthdays, they r made only of 2 ingredients.


Whole milk Chocolate 
Parchment paper.

Make the amount of Popcorn you want the ordinary way.
Melt some chocolate in a water bath .
Combine Popcorn & Chocolate & mix them together.
Spread over parchment paper & wait till it cools completely (or cool in fridge) for an hour.
Cut with a knife into bars & cut in a messy untidy way with your hands, both way are great!

Mix Popcorn & Chocolate & spread over parchment paper


Vollmilch Schokolade

Shokolade in einem Wasserbad schmelzen.
Popcorn & Schkolade mischen.
Auf Backpapier verteilen.
Ca. 1 stunde kühlen lassen.
Mit einer Messe schneiden oder mit den Händen abbrechen.

رقائق الفشار بالشكولاتة

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