Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Strawberry Parafait

Ingredients: (for 4 glasses)

500 gm Strawberries (or mixture of Berries)
200 gm whipping cream
300 gm cream cheese
200 gm sour cream
3-4 table spoons powdered sugar (or according to taste)
1 packet of butter biscuits (crushed)
2-3 Tablespoons melted butter
mint leaves for decoration.

Wash the berries & cut them into halves & sprinkle some powdered sugar on top & leave them for 5 minutes.
Whip the whipping cream with an electrical mixer.
Mix cream cheese & sugar & sour cream in a bowl till creamy. Then add the whipped cream to them & fold them together.
Mix the crushed Biscuits with the melted butter .

In each glass put a layer of Biscuits, then cream then Berries & repeat another time. decorate with mint leaves.

1 Päckchen Butter Kekse(zerdrücked)
50 g zerlassene Butter
250 g Frischkäse

200 g Schlagsahne
1/2 Tasse Zucker
Erdbeeren & Heidelbeeren
*Kekse & zerlassene Butter mischen.
*Mischen Frischkäase & Zucker. Schlagen Sie die Sahne. Sahne & Frischkäase mischen.
*in Tassen ,ein Schicht kekse, dann Sahne dann Beeren & wiederhole.