Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vanilla Cupcakes with grass shaped frosting. Grastüllen Dekorieren.

Those cupcakes are really attractive to kids & they love how they look. They are colorful ,festive , & cute for kids' parties or gatherings. They are sooo easy, all you need is in this post!

You will need 12 vanilla cupcakes :

The Basic vanilla Cupcake recipe

Butter cream Frosting recipe: (enough to decorate 12 cupcakes with the grass Tip)


100 gm soft Butter (not melted in microwave)
1 & 1/4  cup powdered sugar (sifted) nearly 200 gm
1 Packet Vanilla
1- 2 Tablespoons milk
green food color ,I used the powdered form, nearly 1/4 Teaspoon.


Mix butter & sifted sugar with an electrical mixer till smooth & creamy , add milk ,vanilla & food color & keep mixing till you have the creamy spreadable texture.

Zutaten: (Butter-Creme Frosting)

100 g Weicher Butter
200 g Puderzucker (gesiebet)
2 EL Milch

The grass Tip
 *Die Mischung im Spritzbeutel mit Grastülle geben.
Put your Butter cream frosting in a piping plastic bag & start piping from middle till outside or from outside in. Press with your hands to attach the frosting to cupcakes then pull outside & stop pressing.

*Spritzbeutel gegen den Muffins drücken, dann ganz schnell rausziehen.
Cupcakes after frosting, you can increase the density of frosting or decrease it according to your personal preference
Decorate with some ready made sugar ladybirds, cute, aren't they?

*Mit gekauften Marienkäfern dekorieren.

Ready to eat!

Süß :)