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Belila Egyptian recipe . البليلة المصري

Today I would like to present 2 delicious and easy Egyptian recipes served in a glass , you can call them glass recipes , street recipes , winter recipes , comforting recipes , or simply all of the above ! before starting with my first recipe , I would like to thank my beautiful and talented friend Nisreen for inviting me to her event #cook_it_our_way  #اطبخها_بالعربي and to be her guest here in her beautiful website  and I would like to tell her keep on going with your beautiful recipes & more beautiful “teaching” photos .

The first Recipe that we have today is “Belila” or you can call it Wheat porridge ,or wheat cereal ! It’s a very popular breakfast in Egypt , or even Dinner (In Egypt we don’t consider dinner as a main meal , instead ,lunch is our main meal ) , It’s made of Wheat grains (or Wheat berries) soaked in sweetened milk and sprinkled with some roasted nuts and raisin. It’s very nutritive , and its chewiness makes it delicious for kids and adults. This recipe is a traditional recipe in our family , my Grandmother used to do it for us , then my mother , then me for my kids ! The only difference is that I make it the very easy way ! In the original grandmother’s recipe we had to soak the Wheat grains in water over night then cook for nearly 20 minutes , but since my kids spontaneously ask for it , and I’m always in a hurry ,so I had to do it the easy way without soaking in water for a long time and it does taste exactly  the same , the only difference that it takes a longer cooking time (45-50 minutes).

Wheat berries

For me Belila brings out all the childhood memories when we all used to have it for breakfast on weekends ,or as dinner in front of our favorite movie in cold winter nights , or have it as “sohor” (The very early breakfast before fasting starts)  in the holy fasting month of Ramadan , or even have it in some religious events (Ashoura) as pudding instead of porridge.
It’s done by simply washing Wheat grains (berries) & cooking them in water for nearly 50 minutes  ,then adding full cream milk to them & sugar according to taste and lastly sprinkling some nuts or butter or cream ! nothing can be better & easier for a whole meal breakfast !
Here is the very easy recipe that I hope you would all try and give me your feedback.

Ingredients :

( enough for 4-6 persons )
1 cup of Wheat berries
1 Liter of Full cream Milk
¾ cup of Sugar ( more or less according to taste)
2 packets of Vanilla powder

Optional :

Preparation :

Wash Wheat berries and put them in a wide Pot and cover completely with water till nearly 10 cm above the wheat level.
Turn on the heat on high and bring them to boil , then reduce the heat to medium-high (it should always be simmering for nearly 50 minutes . you will find the grains nearly double in size.
Take care if the water dries ,then add more water.
You can taste to make sure it’s well cooked , you will find it chewy.
Add the Full cream milk in the same Pot , with sugar and Vanilla and bring to boil then turn of the heat.
You can serve warm immediately. You can top with your favorite nuts & cinnamon , or add 1 teaspoon of butter to each cup , or add a dollop of cream to each cup , it will be even tastier .
** To make it as thick pudding : It’s the exact same recipe , but you add 4-5 Tablespoons of Starch diluted in ¼ cup milk , then add to the pot and bring to boil and thicken & pour in cups & leave to cool compeletely before serving .
Hope you’ll all try this recipe because it’s really delicious & worth trying J

 البليلة المصري 

المكونات :

كوب قمح ( بليله )
٣/٤ كوب سكر
لتر لبن كامل الدسم 
ماء للسلق

إختياري :
قشطه ( أو كريمه للتزيين )

يوضع القمح في حله واسعه و يغسل ، ثم نغطيه بالماء ( حوالي ١٠ سم فوق مستوى القمح ) و نضعه على النار على نار عليه حتى الغليان ، ثم نكمل السلق على نار متوسطه ( مع الغليان المستمر ) ، حوالي نصف ساعه أو ٤٠ دقيقه ( حسب نوع القمح ) . حتى يتضاعف القمح في الحجم و تتفتح القشره  
إذا قل الماء أثناء السلق نضيف المزيد ، حتى تمام السلق ( و شرب حبات القمح كل الماء ).
نضيف لتر اللبن والسكر و الفانيليا و نقلب حتى الغليان ، ثم نطفيء النار ، و نترك الحاله حوالي نصف ساعه حتى تتشرب حبات القمح اللبن قبل التقديم ، أو من الممكن التقديم في الحال .
نضيف قشطه و مكسرات و رشة قرفه على كل كوب على حض حسب ذوق كل شخص ، و بالهنا والشفاء  

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