Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pasta with Salmon & herbs

Pasta with Salmon & herbs.

This is a very easy recipie that I always do whenever I have no time...The whole cooking process takes 15 minutes (with already cooked pasta).

(amounts according to the number you are serving)
Pasta Penne
Salmon fish
Freshly chopped parsely & Dill
freshly chopped garlic cloves
Chopped pepper
Chopped black olives
Salt, Pepper & Thyme

Cut Salmon fish into small cubes.
Cook Pasta in salted water & drain.
In a wide pan add butter fish cubes & stirr for 10 minutes till done.
add Salt, pepper, Thyme, garlic cloves, pepper ,Olives & Pasta & keep stirring.
Turn off the heat & add your freshly chopped herbs & serve.

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