Monday, February 24, 2014

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. Schokoladen Frosting für Cupcakes.

This is a very nice & easy & delicious Frosting for Cupcakes, My aim doing this Frosting was to decrease the amount of Sugar as much as possible because I don't like the very sugary Frosting !
Thanks to my dear friend Noha who gave me Tips for doing those pretty stars on top of each Cupcake. I was really bad in decorating Cupcakes, So don't lose hope if you make bad Cupcake decoration, all you need is more & more training :)


For the Cupcakes :
I used this Chocolate Cupcake recipe here:

Or you can use the Vanilla Cupcake recipe here:

The Frosting:

100 gm Soft Butter
100 gm Bitter Chocolate (60%)
125 gm Icing Sugar


Melt Chocolate over a water bath & let it cool completely.
Whisk the Butter & Sugar till fluffy & creamy, then add the melted Chocolate & keep whisking.
Put in a Pastry bag with a Star nozzle (I used Kaiser 16 mm, 45-9 , This is equivalent to Wilton 2 D Tip )
Start your stars from the middle going out.

Another Variant for the Frosting:

Replace the 100 gm Bitter Chocolate with 100 gm Candy melts (Choose the color you want) or 100 gm White Chocolate+ Food colors.

 Another Variant using pink Candy melts
Andere Variante mit Rosa Candy melts

Schokoladen Frosting (Creme ) für Cupcakes


Für Die Cupcakes :
Schokoladen Cupcakes :
Vanille Cupcakes:

Die Creme (Frosting) :

100 g weiche Butter
100 g Zarbitter Schokolade (60%)
125 g Puder Zucker (gesiebt )


Schokolade auf Wasserbad schmelzen & abkühlen lassen.
Mit einerm Schneebesen des Handrühgerät ,Butter & Zucker schlagen bis cremig ist. Shokolade hinzufügen & schlagen.
Im Sprizbeutel mit einer Kaiser 16 mm ,45-9 Stern Tülle geben. Die Cupcakes dekorieren ( Fang von der Mitte bis außen an)

Andere Variante: 

Rosa Frosting:
100 g Weiche  Butter
100 g Rosa Candy melts (oder andere Farbe) , oder weißer Schokolade + Liebensmittel Farbe
125 g Puder Zucker

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