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Kunafa with Cream . Kadayif mit Creme . الكنافه بالكريمه

Kunafa is an oriental dessert , made of a noodle like pastry long threads , soaked in a Sugar Syrup .
There are many ways to do it , I'm doing my mother's recipe which is the best for me .  I was brought up eating it & enjoying its amazing taste. My Mom always used to do it with nuts , My kids now like it more with cream , so I make it with Cream for them ! But you can fill it with roasted nuts in the middle & follow the same steps & recipe. You can also do it as small rolls , just roll the long threads ,with or without Nuts inside , but in theis case you shouldn't cut the Kunafa threads insto small pieces (as will be mentioned latter in the recipe ) .
Kunafa (as we call in in Egypt & in other Arab countries ) is very popular in the holy fasting month of Ramadan . It (with Basbousa " Semolina Cake " ) is a regular visitor on our Dinner tables , it's delicious, relatively easy , & provides us with the Calories needed during fasting. All kids love helping thier Moms doing it, buy cuting the long threads with thier small hands ,then soaking it with Butter . The smell of Butter & Kunafa takes me years backwards towards my Childhood beautiful memories during making Kunafa with my Brother , someone used to cut Kunafa ,the other , peel Almonds & roast nuts then blend them in the mixer & my Mother beggins us to leave the Kitcen for her to do everything herself  (The exact same thing I do now wit my kids:) )
Now, here is the delicious Recipe , Hope you all try it & give me your feedbacks :)

Ingredients : (For a 24-26 cm Cake round Form )

500 gm Kunafa Pastry
250 gm Melted Butter

The Cream:
200 ml Whipping cream
200 ml Whole Milk
3 Table spoons Starch
3 Tablespoons Sugar
1 Teaspoon Vanilla

Sugar Syrup :


Preheat your Oven to 200°C
Prepare the Sugar Syrup & Let it Cool
Prepare the Cream :
Mix all Cream ingredients with an Egg Whisk in a Saucepan.
put the pan over medium-High heat & keep stirring, till the mixture thickens, then remove from the heat.
Cut the Kunafa threads into small pieces with Hands or with a Scissors.
Pour te melted Butter over the Kunafa & mix well with your Hands.
Put half of the Kunafa in the Cake Form & press well with your fingers
Spread the cream over the Kunafa (as shown in picture)
Add the other half of Kunafa over the cream & press as much as you can with your fingers.
Enter the preeated Oven for nearly 25-30 Minutes till the Kunafa is golden on top.
As soon as you remove the Kunafa from the Oven, Pour the cooled Sugar Syrup on top of it & leave it for 10 minutes to absorb it all.
Serve warm of Cold .

A Tip :
You can also try it with Roasted Nuts in the middle , or you can try it plain without any filling .

Cut the Kunafa threads into small pieces with Hands or with a Scissors.Die Kadayif Teig zerkleinen (mit den Hände oder eine Schere ) 

Put half of the Kunafa in the Cake Form & press well with your fingers Die eine Hälfte der Kadayif teig in eine Form geben & mit den Fingre gut drucken

Spread the cream over the KunafaDie Creme auf den Teig verteilen 

Kadayif mit Creme

Zutaten: (26 cm Kucheform)

500 g Kadayif Teig ( gibt es in jedem türkischen Laden )
250 g zerlassene Butter

Für die Creme:
200 ml Schlagsahne
200 ml Milch
3 EL Stärke
3 EL Zucker
1 Päckchen Vanillezucker

Für die Zucker Sirup : 


Backofen auf 200°C Vorheizen.
Die Creme:
Alle Zutaten in einem Topf rühren. Dann auf mittlere Hitze rühren bis die Creme glatt und dick ist. und vom Herd nehemen.

Kadayif :
Die Kadayif Teig zerkleinen (mit den Hände oder eine Schere )
Mit der Butter gießen und mit den Hände gut mischen.
Die eine Hälfte der Kadayif teig in eine Form geben & mit den Fingre gut drucken. (Foto)
Die Creme auf den Teig verteilen
Die andere Hälfte der Teig darüber geben und ein bisschen mit den Fingern drucken.
Im Ofen geben & ca. 25 minuten gold braun Backen.
Mit dem abkühlte Zuckersirup gießen.

Sie Können auch mit geröstete Nüße aufüllung , oder einfack ohne füllung machen !

الكنافه بالكريمه 

المكونات : ٥٠٠ جم كنافة / ٢٥٠ جم زبدة مذابة 
للكريمة  : ٢٠٠ مل كريمة لباني / ٢٠٠ مل لبن / ٣ ملاعق كبيرة نشا / ٣ ملاعق كبيرة سكر / فانيليا
شراب السكر

الطريقة : سخني الفرن على ٢٠٠ درجة تقريبا
للكريمة : اخلطي مكونات الكريمة بمضرب البيض و سخنيهة على نار متوسطة مع إستمرار التقليب حتى تتخن الكريمة، ثم ارفعيها من على النار 
الكنافة : قطعي الكنافة قطع صغيرة  باليد أو المقص ، ثم اخلطيها مع الزبدة المذابة جيدا . ثم ضعي نصف  كمية الكنافة في صنية مقاس ٢٦ و اضغطي جيدا باليد ، ثم وزعي الكريمة عليها ثم ضعي نصف الكنافة الباقي فوق الكريمة و اضغطي برفق  
ضعي الصنية في الفرن حوالي ٢٥ دقيقة حتى تصبح ذهبية اللون ، ثم خرجيها من الفرن و  اسقيها بالشربات البارد

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